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When someone yells "Stop", I never know if its in the name of love, it's Hammertime, or if I should collaborate and listen...

Definitely collaborate and listen. Vanilla Ice just can't be wrong!

Baby on board. Oh really? Ok. I was going to ram into the back of you car, but now I won't.

Baby on board.

I've always wondered why people announce they have a baby in the car. as if it makes a difference in the way people drive. This is hilarious!

So true for me....

I hate voicemails. I don't have a voicemail box for this reason. Either text me or I'll see that you called and call back when I get a chance.


Who lit the fuse on your tampon? i think this is some of the funniest shit i have ever read!

Drinking Wine

"Drinking a lot of wine alone is not lonely, it is romantic. Damn, self, you got nice eyes." We wholeheartedly agree, one of life's greatest pleasures!

Dogs vs. Cats...

Blacked Out Apollo IE Hits the Track, is Carbon Fiber Supercar That Does in

Mind blown! This is amazing

Your face when you discovered that the robbers of the 101 Dalmatians were Dr. House and Arthur Weasley

I cant help it!!  I just don't seem to find the time to make them because I'm looking on Pinterest for the next awesome thing to make!  True that!

But why do you want take-out if you just pinned 543 recipes to your this morning?