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Boy Meets World. CORY AND TOPANGA ARE BACK! Everybody get ready to meet their baby on GIRL MEETS WORLD!

When we were two, we were best friends. I mean, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color, her favorite food. Then we became six, Eric made fun of me because it wasn’t cool to have a best friend that was a girl .

Voici un papa qui a décidé de compiler des photos de ses enfants qui pleurent, avec bien sûr le pourquoi...


Hard life of a toddler. I'm almost crying. This is so funny. Except I would cry if I couldn't eat Nutella. And if I they drug me to a Justin bieber concert.

How I Met Your Mother. The halloween when they decided to dress up like The Breakfast Club, but a failure at coordination causes them all to dress as John Bender.

It's like that time we wanted to dress up for Halloween as the Breakfast Club but didn't coordinate who was going as who.

Pajama awesomeness…

Pajama awesomeness…

The 35 Greatest Moments Ever On "The Ellen Show". Here is Ellen and Ryan Gosling in onesie pajamas!

Barney Stinson> You

Funny pictures about The one rule. Oh, and cool pics about The one rule. Also, The one rule.

No...this should be like "I can't wait to be a grownup" Just say no

I feel like this when people say they want to finish college early.Stay here as long as you can, for the love of God

i'm pretty sure i've pinned this before....but i don't even care....hahahaha...one of my favorite movies ever.

SHE'S THE MAN! one of my all time favorite movies! "chew like you have a secret" hahah

Brittany Ashton Holmes and Bug Hall // The Little Rascals (1994)

Funny pictures about The Little Rascals: Then and Now. Oh, and cool pics about The Little Rascals: Then and Now. Also, The Little Rascals: Then and Now photos.