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Almost all of us that have used Windows PCs have experienced the Blue Screen of Death, that error-message filled screen that halts the PC and is so unhelpful. Well, here’s an amazing infographic we’ve put together that explains all about these wondrous error screens, from facts about Windows BSoDs, to famous BSoDs in history, to what the error messages mean.

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11 ways to conquer a negative mindset! Including a free download and other tips for happiness

11 Ways To Conquer a Negative Mindset

Negative mindset - 11 ways to conquer negative or distorted feelings about yourself.

Gemini Women

Zodiac City What you need to know about Gemini women - how cany anyone be too helpful?

David Tennant [gif] this was really hilarious

David Tennant [gif] ~Except my life. Except my life. My life.

Sooo fancy, I love the way they drew Darth Revan (second down on the left)

Stylish Fan Art Shows Off The Entire Dark Side Team