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​The girl with the pinky finger was in the cave roughly 65,000 years after the oldest Denisovan, who was there at least 110,000 years ago and possibly earlier'.

Popular Archaeology discusses prehistoric cave painting masterpieces in the Chauvet Cave. The paintings open a window on the minds of humans who lived over 30,000 years ago. (The Adventurous Eye, Creative Commons)

Prehistoric people living in the Dordogne Valley first settled in the mouth of Font de Gaume around 25,000 BC. The cave mouth was inhabited at least sporadically for the next several thousand years. However, after the original prehistoric inhabitants left, the cave was forgotten until the nineteenth century when local people again began to visit the cave.

Hall of The Bulls, Lascaux Caves France. The five metre-long bulls, the graceful stags, the rutting bison, the very same prehistoric images discovered in 1940 that changed the history of art.

Toe bone DNA reveals Neanderthal interbreeding Robert Sanders-UC Berkeley Using DNA extracted from a woman’s toe bone that dates back 50,000 years, scientists find evidence for a long history of interbreeding among at least four different types of early humans.

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