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Seeing this number almost every day and yes I can admit unpleasant feeling after i see. But now after reading, all make sense! Back on my spiritual path leaving all nasty thoughts and people, too behind. They don't listen their hearts just heads down there. So finished in the name of God. AMEN

The Spiritual Path to LOVING Exercise & Veggies [Yes, you will!] w/ Victoria Leo

The Spiritual Practice of Saying “Yes!” -->Remember its opposite, No! To say yes to some things means you may need to say no to others.

I cherish the moments I said yes—to him, to life, to myself—when the fear felt so big and my heart wanted to hide under the covers. Instead I said yes—yes I will show you more, yes I will stretch here, I will open my heart and I will lean on you. This is the yoga of marriage. :: Carrie-Anne Moss #AnnapurnaLiving #CarrieAnneMoss

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