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A teaspoon of sugar might be all that you allow yourself in your daily cup of coffee, but have you ever stopped to think about the sugar content in other drinks that you consume? Here's a shocking revelation...

Rethink your drink: Teaching nutrition to kids. Idea from Kid's Directory of Central Arkansas. Great visual aid for kids.and adults. Great idea for a bulletin board!

How to schedule your water to make sure you drink 2 liters a day

How One Woman Went From Obesity to a Bikini Body

Trying to drink enough water? Get a reusable water bottle and mark the hours on it so you remember to drink 2 bottles a day. Great idea, especially for bringing to work and running errands. Just grab your water bottle every morning and go!

This Is Your Body On Coffee (Infographic). Interesting might help to keep things in mind

This Is Your Body On Coffee (Infographic)


Looking for a fun and educational activity for the kids that will also help them take care of their teeth? Why not try this science experiment to see how tea, coffee and cola stain teeth.

Thought this was interesting...you can always start now!

Daily Motivation (16 photos)

fat and muscle ratio. - muscle does not "weigh more than fat". A pound is a pound the world around. But the same pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. I have to remember this.

Infographic: The Digestive System - KIDS DISCOVER Free!

What Happens to Food After You Eat it? - Posted by Keto Grandma – How Digestion Works: What Happens to Food After You Eat it?

200 Calories...  What kind of bang are you getting for your buck???

200 Calories

Decide to Eat healthy: Interesting Comparisons. This is what 200 calories looks like . Compare if you dare! For 200 calories, is it worth it?

Renew Health Coaching: 10 Things You Should Never Eat Again

10 foods you should never eat again by The Health Ranger I can't swear the white rice & bacon would be cut out for good, maybe every so often :p Interesting though.