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22 Fascinating Facts About Everyday Life That Might Shock You - TechEBlog

Here are some fascinating facts about things in everyday life that might shock you.<< Great pictures to use as bell ringers

Coolest Parents Ever Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby<---I want to be like these parents.

Coolest Parents Ever Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby

Coolest Parents Ever Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby -- I haven't seen most of these movies but I love this anyway cuz this couple wins at parenting 🙌🏻

This has recently been proven wrong, all fingers actually go directly to the heart. Common misconception.

WTF-fun-facts : funny weird facts on we heart it / visual bookmark What? awww this is soooo cute

Messy handwriting vs neat

I fully embrace my bad handwriting! I seriously have such bad handwriting. Sometimes I think too fast and my hand can't keep up so I skip words :/ ~ Embrace your crappy writing ladies !

Click to see the pic and write a comment...

This cracks me up everytime...

and scooby was just a dog.

Scooby Dooby Oooh! - Fact Picture

Velma was my favourite character. To me she was brave because she didn't need to have someone with her and could risk facing the "monster" on her own.


This Powerful Interactive Billboard Shows The Horrors Of Child Abuse. (please remember that 112 is the emergency number in Europe, here in the US always call Be someone's super hero, Stop Child Abuse

Creepy, what do you think?

Today i was driving and my dad screamed at me to stop. I slammed my breaks and saw i nearly hit a child who ran onto the road. I pulled over and cried. My dad died ago. >> Oh this is sad. I am crying inside right now.

I would read this book! Better yet, the book does so well that Hollywood buys the rights and a movie is made.

So it's GLADOS and the personality spheres

I am now questioning my entire existence. ~ This would be a cool story idea. ~ someone definitely needs to write a book or some fanfiction or SOMETHING with this idea

.... http://ibeebz.com

Someone from Tarpon Springs posted a whisper, which reads "My sister has been getting abused by my druggy/alcoholic mother. She is 9 years old and can't defend herself. Now that I am 18 I am trying to fight for her custody.

The quarterback asked me out to prom. When I said no, he asked who could be better, I went with a lovely gentleman with Down's syndrome, I don't regret a thing.


tis I, the frenchiest fry (btw je suis un pomme means I am an apple in French)