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Wallace “Wally” Wood, Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, 1959.

An Intergalactic Poker Game - Cover art featured on the April 1959 issue of Galaxy Magazine by the late great Wally Wood.

Utopia (German Science Fiction Magazine)

The future evidently involves robots wearing in-line skates, women in stiletto heels, and men in ballet costumes!

GIJoe picture book called Operation:Star Fight. Artwork by Earl Norem.

galactustheviking: “ Images from my past. I used to have this GIJoe picture book called Operation:Star Fight and I would just stare at the pictures for hours.

Secret Wars, cover by Alex Ross 2015

Images for : NYCC: Marvel Releases Full-Size Epic Alex Ross "Secret Wars" Image - Comic Book Resources

Planet Comics #50 (Issue)

DanTheMan is looking for Planet Comics - Robots From Inferno with FyndIt. Find more Comics & Memorabilia:Comic Books:Golden Age

Hordak of MOTU by Earl Norem

Masters of the Universe Magazine - Hordak and The Evil Horde by Earl Norem. So much more awesome looking than any take the animated version ever did. This Hordak did not snort when he talked!