You don't have to be a gardening expert to learn how to grow onions. They do well in containers or mixed into any garden bed.

This beautiful urn is planted with purple alocasia and chartreuse trailing lysimachia. The tiger lily gardens have been fantastic this year, attracting many butterflies and hummingbirds.

DIY soil block maker-- a homemade version of the popular soil blockers that many people are using to start their seeds.

Before sowing a single seed, it is helpful to sketch a map of the garden so you know how many seedlings you will need, where they will be planted, and how you can keep each bed producing all through the growing season.

Fertilizing a Back to Eden garden corrects what little bit of nitrogen binding occurs with the application of wood chips to your garden.

wigwams...I am making these for a few of my smaller squash and melons this year, it will be a major space saver!

..."a beautiful garden has been carved out of the woodland, a series of garden rooms, borders, lawns and terraces around a Gothic inspired fairytale house and black-reflecting lake, everywhere the sound of rushing water and enclosed in the wilder tree-studded slopes all about. The garden expands into the wilderness, with rhododendron walks and winding paths leading you back to the tamed, but wilder plan"...

A beautiful sea of forget-me-not's with tulips popping out from them...I want my garden to look like this!!!

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