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I don't need a telescope to see that there's a Hope& that makes feel BRAVE  Tidal Wave-Owl City

Owl City ~ Tidal Wave - one of the best Owl City songs EVER! Plus it has Matt Theisan from Relient K in it, so.

Soccer have to do this with my soccer girls

Personalized Soccer Balls

Soccer ⚽  We've seen many, many of these.  Sunsets during games are awesome too!

And games, I've never had morning practices but I want some so I don't have to wait till the afternoon!


Yeah, but you normally say good game to most if them, then to that one person you say "you suck" or "I hate you"

my favorite thing of all time was when the football guys would come to games and after one game they asked why we said MAN ON. and after that they yelled it at every game for us.

They really move faster than you anticipate, especially as a girl playing on a guys team.

SO true... that happens to my daughter ppl get surprised she actually owns normal street clothes hahaha.

Hahahahaha it's weird seeing your team in normal clothes instead of a jersey or sports shirt and shorts socks and cleats hair pulled up