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What I like: I like how each person has his/her own characteristics and the corresponding items in the pictures. It is cute and interesting way to present profile of someone, rather than a mere portrait of someone. Where we could use this: when we are doing interviews with a specific person in the campus or a student. We could pick the characteristics of that person and design it with cute images and photoshop items in. (Kyuree Kim)

Website where students can upload photos of themselves and fill it with words about themselves and their interests! I think this would be great for a poetry unit.

10 Free Courses for Professionals You Can Take Online

Our culture, our heritage, our future - I have a dream. A dream that showed me how valuable our culture and heritage would be; if properly preserved and not commercialized like any other service and or commodity. I had a dream about the past, that...

I want to make one of these with our last name. Think I could print the pictures from off the internet it's just a matter of finding a 10 window frame... very long last name

This teacher reads, "The Best Part of Me" and it is written by children who describe their favorite body parts. Then she has the kids pick their favorite part of their bodies and write a descriptive poem or paragraph.

I did this with Middle School and they LOVED IT- My students did this kind of photo also but they had the person in the back holding on to another student as well. So there were three students. It was AWESOME!!

Light Painting with Sparklers! Tutorial. Also can be done with different light sources.