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AOMORI CIDRE(アオモリシードル)750ml 3本セット  4,344円

AOMORI CIDRE(アオモリシードル)750ml 3本セット 4,344円

Eco Chic

Vetro collection of recycled glass and wood table accessories by Slow Design, Italy

Analogue Life | 日々の暮らしを素敵にしてくれる様々なアイテムをお届け。ジョージ・ピーターソン( George Peterson )ババグーリ・ヨーガンレール・ウッドボウル・猿山修・岡田直人・福井賢治・會田竜也・Sゝゝ(エス)岩清水久生・高橋工芸・中川政七商店

thin/elongated bottles wrapped in paper with chinese characters on the side + closed with white twine. I'll adapt this idea for wrapping wine bottles!

グッドデザインな地酒〈新政〉の蔵を訪ねて | 行くぜ、東北。 | casabrutus.com


グッドデザインな地酒〈新政〉の蔵を訪ねて | 行くぜ、東北。 | casabrutus.com

Well look what I came across today. Work by my classmate Brittany Albertson!    South African wine packaging wyn South African wine packaging   WYN

South African wine packaging - WYN

Striking South African packaging designs developed by Brittany Albertson for a fictional South African wine packaging label called Wyn.

:: embalagens ::

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni - Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRootsArt and design inspiration from around the world – CreativeRoots