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My kinda Logical way to deal with Trump.I'm just sayin.

Glowing Eyes~ Glow sticks in toilet paper rolls- a fabulous idea for Halloween! Or April Fools!

Use toilet paper rolls to make terrifying glowing eyes. Pretty easy and decorative. Cut out eyes in toilet roll. Put in glow sticks hide around garden

Bat cat and two face cat

Everybody gets a meme

Batcat and Two-Face cat. I actually just cracked up laughing two face cat hehe

Fun facts about your sign here

Pisces learn quickly to never underestimate you. You may seem shy, but you can be a fireball and hard to handle at times.

EVIL LAUGHTER by RattKazamata.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

death note light<<<< And idc if L knows. EHEHEHE (actually I do. I'd run like hell lol)

Demotivational Posters (17 Pics) Dark Humor

I feel like as an INTJ my humor can be really dark, twisted, and a bit morbid.I keep most of it to myself tho for fear of someone thinking I'm a sociopath and calling the cops on me lol

He's out for revenge

He's out for revenge

And this is why I am afraid of leprechauns ! <------ last pinners remark