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Scott Disick is actually really clever... He's an ass 98% of the time but he's freaking hilarious too!

Scott Disick deserves a show of his own. Get this man a show already. I dont like the Kardashian klan, but god bless them for giving us Scott.

ha ha ha...yes...all flower shops and boutiques...even jewelry stores should have a guide like this.

How Mad Is She?: How mad is she? probably the best florist sign ever The size of those flowers really do matter according to how mad she is.

Eyes on You: via the metapicture #Roof #Windows #Roof_Eyes

What you did there, the roof sees it

Uhhh....  Then call a 911 again!

This may seem unrealistic but let me tell you my mom is a paramedic and on scene her partner repeatedly stocked a needle into a man's wooden leg without realizing it wasn't real.

Se quem ama cuida, muita gente deve me amar. Porque o que tem de pessoas cuidando da minha vida, não é brincadeira.

A funny lost puppy cartoon comic strip and pet humor pic. Some dog comedy and a domestic animals silly canine joke.