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Jensen Ackles

Has anyone ever noticed that in the Redhood Movie that Jensen Ackles plays him. And the similarities in character! And both of there mom are dead! Very suspicious?

This picture. I can't handle it. He's so gorgeous...

15 Reasons Dean Winchester From "Supernatural" Is The Perfect Man. Like I need 15 reasons. He looks like Clint Eastwood in this picture!

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) is sporting a Lucky Brand Jeans Triumph Tiger 80 T-Shirt (474×575)

Jensen Ackles and Lucky Brand Jeans Triumph Tiger 80 T-Shirt - Supernatural on Celebrity Style Guide

there is one pic that is a tad revealing but I couldn't go without repining this~ Uncle Moriarty<<<<WTF HOW EVEN. THE ONE OF SAM IS THE O LY ONE TAHT I CAN TELL IS A DRAWING

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THESE ARE DRAWINGS? supernatural <<< I see what you did there<<< I seriously thought these were all pictures instead of drawings.

all dogs go to heaven

What the Supernatural fandom looks like to other people. Also what happens when I show people the tattoo I want since its the anti-posession tattoo <-- .Tell them it is the Egyptian symbol for peace ;

Dean Winchester and GAP Men's

Dean Winchester and GAP Men's

*starts hyperventilating*  *hugs computer*  *licks computer*  mom: hey sweeti..... what the okay um never mind

Features: -Easel attached to the back to make it free standing. Theme: -Movie, Music, TV and people. Mount Type: -Stand-up. Country of Manufacture: -United States.

EndVerse Dean. Naughty.....

Future Dean and the sexy thigh holster. Am I the only person that got uncontrollably happy when I saw what an amazing jeep he drove? I mean, there is nothing sexier than Jensen Ackles driving a nice jeep!