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We do not choose mental illness and we do not choose addiction. If you think otherwise, then get on your knees right now and thank God, because you have never experienced the true horror that is addiction. You have never suffered through mental illness. I often think that God just took the stack of cards and flicked them out onto the population and is now sitting back, watching crazy situation after crazy situation unfold. God has one hell of a sense of humor.

Beautiful article on how it feels to be bi polar in a world who doesn't get it

How 'Beckham tape' can help you beat headaches: More than 10 million of us suffer from the pain

How 'Beckham tape' can help you beat headaches: More than 10 million of us suffer from the pain

How 'Beckham tape' can help you beat headaches: More than 10 million of us suffer from the pain -- The adhesive support positioned in a Y shape on patient's neck

4-Ever-in-My Heart is an enchanting blend of action, drama and the Lakota culture and as a bonus, readers can download free Native flute music by acclaimed musician, Randy McGinnis. http://www.wordbranch.com/4-ever-in-my-heart.html

Word Branch Publishing Re-releases Terrie McClay’s Acclaimed Breakout Novel: Heart

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Does your business accept mobile payments? Or are you considering it? Check out these trends to stay on top of the industry.

words to live by.... Though I don't know why a picture of Big Ben is the background because Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the best First Ladies in American history...

Eleanor Roosevelt a visionary for sure! "Being Scared and taking positive action anyway builds confidence and momentum.just because something is unfamiliar does not make it necessarily bad! Be self aware- make choices and go for it!

Migraine Remedies You Can Make At Home | The WHOot

Migraine Remedies That Really Work

When a migraine headache strikes, there is no simple way to handle it. Is migraine a big problem in your life? Have you ever tried yoga for migraine relief? Here is all you need to know about it (Hip Problems Workout Gear)

21 Anxiety Triggers That Might Surprise You

Managing Anxiety With mindfulness: What triggers those feelings of panic and worry that we're oh-so-familiar with? If you know your triggers, you can prepare to manage your stress. Here are 21 things that trigger anxiety. ( & 16 are my major triggers)

Having constant headaches can be a result of bad diet. Consuming dairy products, too much caffeine, red wine or salty food can be the reason for your terrible migraines. Pay attention to what you eat or drink.

If you suffer frequent headaches, you might consider avoiding certain foods. From Trusted-Articles

Borderline Personality Disorder | Quote Addicts

After recently being diagnosed with BPD I have finally found an answer to me. Not the ideal answer, but still it validates I am not a bad person. I'm sick. Educate before you judge this disorder!