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Damn Vegetarians

Magical memes and gifs that only a true geek could appreciate and laugh at.

ryan jonston via flickr

The best MLP Plushies- plus patterns

My little pony Friendship is Magic giant Fluttershy and Angel plush made by the…

KittyMess • My little pony: friendship is magic wallpapers

My little pony: friendship is magic wallpapers Ipad sized MLP: friendship is magic wallpaper. made these since i really love MLP :>, planning to make more stuff too Enjoy~ :D if you’re in your.


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Photo: Homestuck/My Little Pony


Anonymous said: Oh no I think I'm late but I thought of one! "I'll perch with you Ani time!

The My Little Pony Effect

The My Little Pony Effect

(by~GhettoMole) Exactly how I felt after watching the first episode of My Little Pony: FIM

xkcd: "Click and Drag" - the most amazing web comic I've ever seen!

xkcd: Click and Drag - strikingly beautiful for a comic primarily consisting of stick figures


I did draw that as I was in school until 18 pm), I was bored so I drew it on my writing pad in 15 Minutes ;

Filly twilight smarty pants.

When ppl make pics of little twilee with smarties pants, they show smarty already dirty and tirn up, wouldn't smarty pants look clean and kinda new?