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Worst cop ever. And oh yes, u have blood slides of idk 25 dead ppl, which he first confirms, yes, yes I did kill all those ppl. How many kills does it take to become a serial killer? 3. Yes deb, 25 is more than 3. It's like asking me if I'm a pinaholic.

Oh how I love garage sale season! All those projects just waiting to be tackled! I found this little gem at an estate sale last fall. It has been sitting patiently waiting for me to figure out what in the world I would use it for. It just reminds me of a time… When people …

I took a quick selfie just before I headed off to her wedding. I hate cell phone cameras, how blurry does this picture look? I wore a red salwar and kept my makeup minimum with Mac Ruby woo lips and kohl lined eyes. Oh, and I love those earrings.

Yeah those nice heavy phones! And people knocking each other out in suspense movies!

Its healthy to make mistakes, thats how we grow. Yes, but I don't know many artists who don't use one of several kinds of erasers when they are drawing. Brenda Dunlap.