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Its funny cause its true,Luke would soo do this Not my pin

Luke telling a joke.....

Luke Hemmings telling a 'cheesy' joke. I remember this joke from Hannah Montana.

Luke Hemmings summed up by Ashton :)

Luke Hemmings summed up by ashton>>> This is probably one of the most accurate things i have ever read in my life.

Did boy. He knows the meaning of life<<<FYI that's Luke Korns in this photo!! :)

Did boy. He mows the meaning of life<<< Luke Korns I love you even more now, just know that.

5 seconds of summer.

I love the way that they joke with each other. also always seem to feel the need to incorporate food into every conversation they have haha

Now im a singerr???????? wutt

This is only the beginning Katie! Lol just in case if you guys don't know, i'll be spamming her with Luke imagines :)

Haha I love these guys

5 seconds of summer ladies and gents<<<< lol remember on Spongebob, Spongebob said "why you mad?" To Patrick and than Patrick said "I can't see my forehead" xP .>>> hhahahhahaha<<<mikey is me

lucas robert hemmings you are a special boy

you're a special boy Luke Hemmings "Getting some air" "The edits that will be created" 5 Seconds Of Summer this makes me happy omg hAHahAAhahahHAHA