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I have a question. Is it weird to start my Christmas list in February? I'm being serious, is it? I need to know if it seems weird.

I am going to leave the board comment what you think I should do I haven't been pinning for a long time so I am going to leave

RULES: Ask me a question I will answer yes or no if i dont want to answer it I will give you a shoutout   simple as that:)

Ask away :)>> please I'm like really bored and it's cold outside so I can't go outside so back to the point comment please.

How To Actually Get Over Your Crush  -

How To Actually Get Over Your Crush

Ooooooh I want to send RyRy virtual hugs always and all my friends. I'd love to do that ^___^ (Especially Ryan since I hug my friends virtually all the time so . Virtual hugs to you Ryan, dream hugs to you, I sure hope he feels my hugs) XXXXXXXXXX