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Quote "This is never any other option. Except being an idiot. There was this one person that I know who said he hated Doctor Who, and I quote, "the British accents are annoying.

DW SPOILERS: Eyepatches are... by on @deviantART

Eye patches are not cool! Unlike bowties, because bowties are cool. :) I love David !

Donna Noble-- Best temp in Chiswick :) This is why I love her - she came SO far, gained so much self-confidence.

Donna Noble-- Best temp in Chiswick. When she was the Doctor Donna she had such confidence in herself!

"Check Your Records Again"... by ~WindyKid on deviantART. River Song would kick ass in a galaxy far far away

River always shoots first and she doesn't hide her gun under the table either.

Fan Art of I Stole A Time Lord for fans of Doctor Who.

“I Stole A Time Lord” - 2012 My Epic Painting of Epicness is COMPLETE. I’ve been meaning to do fanart of Idris for a while now as well as something new for Gallifrey 2012 Art Show. “The Doctor’s Wife”.


Funny animated meme of Doctor Who fans who want to time travel. That's irrelevant. What do we want meme.