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One Photograph That Will Restore Your Hope In The Fight For Equality

"My marriage isn't threatened by gay marriage. Straight men for gay rights - Don't put HATE in the constitution!" It should be "same sex marriage"


"Don't tell ur daughter not to go out. Tell your son to behave properly." Women protesting Delhi’s epidemic of rapes - something that has never made sense

This Story Restores My Faith In The Upcoming Generation

Sam and his shoes. His mom is fantastic. Kids aren't naturally prejudice or hateful, it's a learned behavior from jaded adults. Remember to learn from your children. Love your shoes Sam!

Big picture: 'God hates signs' - gay rights protesters' placards

Big picture: 'God hates signs' - gay rights protesters' placards

Look... we need to support the future of this country.  I want my kids to treat everyone with respect, and know that they can love whomever they choose, and i will love them anyway.

Big picture: 'God hates signs' - gay rights protesters' placards

There are two ways to get your placard noticed at a gay rights protest: be cute or be funny. Ahead of the Guardian Weekend magazine gay issue, out Saturday 21 April, we pay tribute to the best gay rights protesting placards

hillary clinton, gay rights why in 2012 do we still need to tell people this

And so is gun rights, self defense, second amendment rights, you hypocrite fucking bitch!

People should get to decide who to marry, not the government.

only 30 percent of blacks thought same-sex marriage should be legal - 9 points lower than the national average. One-third of the blacks who were polled said they thought gay marriage should be illegal.

"The rights of the minority should never be subject to the whim of the majority."

40 Best Protest Signs Of 2012