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1929: American actress Evelyn Brent (1899 - 1975) stars in the film 'Broadway', directed by Paul Fejos for Universal. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Jobyna Ralston was named a WAMPAS Baby Star in 1923. Her fellow starlets that year included Evelyn Brent, Laura La Plante, and Eleanor Boardman.

Wampas Baby Stars of 1923 Middle: Ethel Shannon <> Left of Shannon, left to right beginning at top: Betty Francisco, Kathleen Key, Helen Lynn. Bottom row: Pauline Garon, Jobyna Ralston, Margaret Leahy <> Right of Shannon, left to right beginning at top: Evelyn Brent, Dorothy Devore, Laura La Plante. Bottom row: Virginia Browne Faire, Eleanor Boardman, Derelys Perdue.