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I found it! The connection between Whedon and SPN!! Hahaha!! Ben Edlund. He turned Angel into a puppet.....nice guy.

Ben Edlund is my hero! For this and of course for turning Angel into a wee little puppet man.

Watching out the new Dean by Tsuki-Nekota

Watching out the new Dean by Tsuki-Nekota on deviantART-->IDK why I found this so funny

Supernatural Gif Challenge #1: Challenge Accepted [gifset]:

Supernatural Gif Challenge Challenge Accepted [gifset] - She should add.) Dorothy It's a wonderful life Shooting stars Etc

It's probably a security thing. When I was little and I got nervous being in a crowd and my dad was carrying me I'd play with his beard.

He's kind weird (I wonder why. It's not like he's being raised by an adorably insane man, or anything :p) : West Collins is adorable and i like the idea that he does that to keep himself calm and it makes him feel safe.

That moment when you laugh me than you should at a post.

There's nothing better than watching Jared, Jensen, or Misha laugh :) the second pic of Jared really brings in to light his puppy similarities. I literally can't tell the difference!

I think if I could choose one photo to just sort of. . . sum up supernatural, this would be it.

This picture just literally signifies the entire show.love Sam and Dean