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My plan worked

Woah wow wait hold up. What if Hawkmoth's plan all along is to keep creating villains so that Ladybug and Chat Noir get to hang out. Lol what if Hawkmoth is just a massive LadyNoir shipper?

From my father pt 7

Bonus extended edition scene: (Watch in real time as I get more committed to this comic!

Teamwork 8/9

It’s rough when your secret superhero alter ego’s

Ladybug and Chat Noir — terriblenerd: It’s rough when your secret.

Pokemon part 7

i never thought at that but now.this is make totally sense (miraculous ladybug x pokemon go)

miraculous ladybug, felix and bridgette image on We Heart It

Ask her out Bonus - pg01

(Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir) Like Father, Like Son 16


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