An oval face looks best with a classic short cut: short on the side, and slightly longer on top, either with a side swept part or not. The trick is to not wear your hair down on your forehead, but backwards, to avoid making your head round. Creating some angles and volume on top can sharpen the face a little bit. I’d even go further and say a man-bun can look great on an oval face shape. Long hair as well, at least in theory. And of course a variation of the undercut.

MEN: How Do I Choose A Hairstyle That's Right For Me?

I’m crazy about men with tattoos! It looks incredibly sexy, and if your groom has tattoos, let him rock them! Every tattoo has a meaning.

Yes please ;)

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GUYS: Don't let your friends out-beard you! Seriously's and I'm looking for 3 guys wanting that sexy thick beard! Our HAIR

knew a bunch of this.... guess thats what you get when you date a mustached man who more than occasionally has a beard.

All you need to know about beards

A PhD in Beards This infographic is all about facial hair. Learn about where facial hair comes from, what people think of you when you have facial hair, and also some random facts in the history of beards.

Macho Moda: Blog de Moda Masculina - Dicas sobre Tendências, Produtos, Serviços e tudo relacionado aos homens!

Dicas de Looks Masculinos para o Réveillon 2015!

Macho Moda: Blog de Moda Masculina - Dicas sobre Tendências, Produtos, Serviços e tudo relacionado aos homens!

A trendy humor filled website with videos, memes, pics, articles, plus trends, reviews and product suggestions.

Bearded men make better lovers. Hell, we make everything better.

Xena Glg

Xena Glg

Top heavy.

Let's make this thread a discussion of styling ideas with pictures of cool and trendy hairstyles for men. From Undercut men's hairstyles to brush ups to long hair. Just provide men's hairstyling ideas

Only very few men can look stylish with a beard and just a white shirt

when tattoos are your accessory, keep it simple with a white tee and jeans. Style with Veni: GOTTA LOVE RICKI HALL

My bearded boyfriend will attest to this, to worlds end.

that's the truth! I'm so glad my husband has the patience to put up with my shit and grow an awesome beard.