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I like to dip my carrot cake in my ranch dressing soda. Gross!

To make a perfect salad-tini, mix Ranch Dressing Soda with Bakon Vodka, pour it into a hallowed out tomato and garnish with pieces of lettuce. Its a drinkable salad thatll get you tanked. Its my new favorite lunchtime necessity!

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Solve - http://www.redgage.com/blogs/funstuff/amazing-bonus-round-puzzle-solve-was-it-luck-or-something-else.html

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Quick Solve - Luck or Fixed?

PancakeBot - The World's First Pancake Printer  http://interestinglycoolstuff.blogspot.com/2015/10/pancakebot-worlds-first-pancake-printer.html

PancakeBot - The World's First Pancake Printer