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Engines of the Red Army in WW2 - B.I.T. Mk.III Valentine IX

Engines of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht in

US troops from the 2nd Armored Division (Hell on Wheels) draws into the Belgian village of Bihain, Belgium (possibly with troops from the 83rd Infantry Division ).  The town of Bihain was liberated by the 83rd on 11th January 1945.

ID Reconnaissance troops WWII Reconnaissance troops, of the Infantry Divisions, move up the main street of Bihain, Belgium to attack German troops "dug in" in the woods beyond the town.

2nd Infantry Division

Sherman Tank of the Tank Battalion, attached to Infantry Division. First Army, crosses an improvised bridge in Germany, 9 March Note the Rhino device (hedgerow cutter) on the front.

A Sherman tank crew of 'C' Squadron, 13th/18th Royal Hussars rest and write letters home by the side of their vehicle, Normandy, 10 June 1944.

Sherman Mk III “Cameo” tank crew of Troop, ‘C’ Squadron, Royal Hussars, Armoured Brigade rest and write letters home by the side of their vehicle.