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Best. Birthday. Cake. Ever.

Fantastic Kit Kat and M birthday cake. Burton mabye a new bday cake idea. Sikes mabye just to eat

Easy Weetbix Slice Recipe - A Spoonful of Sugar

The Kit Kat Birthday Cake consists of two layers of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, surrounded with Kit Kats' and topped with M & M's.

I have been doing a lot of writing about unusual Birthday Cakes lately and then I came across these Candy Cakes. These cakes are just made up of Candy, still in their wrappers, from Top to Bottom. It does not take much to create one of these Candy...

How to Make Candy Birthday Cakes

I think I will make a combination cake with a cake cake for mama& birthday party! She LOVES candy!

An easy monster high like cake for charlottes birthday

I LOVE this! Maybe for my birthday:) Zebra Print Birthday Cake. Must try for Ava and zoey's birthday!