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˚Rainbow Grasshopper

"Dactylotum bicolor", commonly known as the Rainbow Grasshopper, Painted Grasshopper, or Barber Pole Grasshopper

Painted Grasshooper (Dactylotum bicolor) found on the Western Plains of the United States

Grasshopper, Painted - Dactylotum bicolor (KS) by MO FunGuy

Rainbow Milkweed Locust | Phymateus

Phymateus Viridipes, also known as the Green Milkweed Locust or African Bush Grasshopper

ronbeckdesigns: Hooded grasshopper (via Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas)

Hooded grasshopper, Teratodes monticollis, native to India and Sri Lanka

Tie Dye Grass Hopper

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"Can't stand any insect that has clingy extremities!"

exotic colorful grasshoppers - Photographer Igor Siwanowicz Out of Africa we have a talented set of twins competing in the syncronized long jump.