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For Niall "he looks like he causes too much trouble" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR SO WRONG

My Harrys hair is perfect. Loui cheeks are adorable.Horan does not cause trouble he is a sweet little prince. Zany is a bad boy, but also a sweet and caring boy. Ding ding ding you got Liam Payne correct.



I didn't know wether to pin this on Ed's or 1D's board. So I pinned it 1D cuz most ppl follow that board :)

My 3 favourite boys- Hazza, Harry, and Ed ;) the fact that one of them is fictional is completely irrelevant

one direction funny pictures | Lol, This is so true, and so funny.

Not true for me, but this is hilarious. For me, it's when I see Doctor Who or Sherlock merchandise.

I am so gonna say " I care about you as much as Niall cares about childbirth!" To somebody who I don't like!!!<<<< Going places.

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