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Doofenshmirtz meets the Daleks

Another Phineas and Ferb/Doctor Who crossover. Almost fits with the one about Ferb being the Doctor.

.MAKE YOURSELF an Angel Barbie!!! Wouldn't your daughter/grandaughter LOVE this! This is another I could find no link! Inspiration Only! Sorry!

How to Make a Weeping Angel Barbie (link in comments) , this is so cool but I don't think I could hang this on my wall. I already have a creepy doll phobia.<<< And rightfully so, every image of an angel becomes one

Through the wonders of 3D printing technology, biscuit / cookie cutters by WarpZone, in a variety of classic Doctor Who shapes: the TARDIS, Dalek, K9, a Weeping Angel, Cyberman, a blobby little Adipose, and others. Great level of details comes through in the biscuit. You’ll be able to easily exterminate the Dalek in your stomach acids, but be wary of blinking while baking the Weeping Angels. $6 - 7 ea.

Through the wonders of printing technology, biscuit / cookie cutters by WarpZone, in a variety of classic Doctor Who shapes.

The Silence, I need the Doctor


That explains a lot. Wait what does it explain? I forgot. why do I have tally marks on my arm?

Doctor Who print hehehe -- one of the best things about having seen Dr. Who is that now I get all the references! @moxiethrift on etsy Richmond

“Welcome to New Earth! More specifically, New New York. This is the New new York; actually it's times the New New York, so it's New new new new new new new new new new new new new new new York!

So I'm not a watcher of the doctor but I know a thing or two about awkwardness

Soo accurate and soo me, I think I've even made that exact facial expression. I'm literally snorting I'm so much fangirling right now

You know you're a Doctor Who fan....

Actually, I was pretty darn confused when a new viewer of Doctor Who said that Christopher Eccelston was the first doctor. She was confused when I said he wasn& Confusion all around. We really had to have a long discussion about that. No aneurysm, though.

This is an example of Current Play. It portrays my Joker and Story Teller, Play Personalities. I love being funny and am way too excited about the things I enjoy. I am Whovian through and through. This is also Past Play, in that, I began watching this show way back with the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. I love it to this day and can become lost in the episodes and adventures. It also represents my Kinesthete and Explorer, in this show, we visit many universes. This will continue as Future Play as…

Me. When Doctor Who is about to start.I'm fairly positive I make this face even when I watch the reruns.

Lol, I tried this it works

Google Maps Easter Egg Lets You Explore The

So, you want to see the inside of the T. Just click the double arrows! *geeking out a little!* No way! Oh my goodness!