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Too many people really believe that the republican party is racist and yet it is the democrats that play the race card.

LOL!  God what an absolutely narcissistic thing to say!!  Did he and his followers really think he was going to be president forever?  Oh yeah..they did.  LOLOLOL!

Another Pinner said: Goodbye Obama. America won't miss the worst president in the history of America! I pray Donald Trump wins so everything you did to destroy this country will be reversed.

This is exactly why I think all Muslem's need to go back home fix your own place up stop trying to tear ours down.

If of Muslims are radicalized, and are 'moderate'. then why aren't the 'moderate' majority stopping the radicals from killing Christians, stoning women, waging jihad, commiting honor killings and tossing gays from buildings in Muslim majority countries

If a politician says, "You don't need a gun", you need a gun!

If a politician says, "You don't need a gun." You need a gun.