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A group of friends and I got together last night to make DIY clay diffuser necklaces for our essential oils, here are our pictures & instructions!

Sale- less than half price! Lowest price I've ever seen (a lot less than I paid for it). If you've been looking at this diffuser for yourself or a Christmas gift for someone else, now is the time to get it.

Essential Oil Deals & Finds {diffusers, cases, rollerballs, bottles, jars and more essential oil accessories

This diffuser is all that & is highly rated. features: A light that can be turned off, A large capacity tank, Run time of 8 hours or more, Not too expensive

These USB pig humidifying oil diffusers ($10). | 27 Gifts For People Who Are So Done With Work

27 Gifts For People Who Are So Done With Work

Simple and inexpensive ways to start using essential oils in your home. #essentialoils

Essential Oils in the Home: Getting Started

A simple, quick start guide to using essential oils throughout your home, for aromatherapy and other purposes. (Via The Pretty Bee).