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Pakistani Indian Bridal Ethnic Gold Plated Payal Anklet Pair Red and Green Enamel with Soft Bells

Mermaid Bindi, facial jewelry, forehead jewelry, fantasy costume,... (£13) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring jewelry, blue silver jewelry, art nouveau jewelry, tribal jewellery, art nouveau jewellery and silver jewelry

Pakistani Ethnic Indian Silver Tone Payal Anklet Pair Curved Edge with Soft Bells

Delicate silver tone anklet pair with soft bells. Limited Availability. Metal: Alloy Length: 10 Inches Clasp: S Hook Eye Key Features - Pair of anklets with soft bells - Twist one end of the S Hook cl

Pakistani Indian Gold Plated Bridal Payal Anklet Pair with Soft Bells For Women Ethnic Jewelry

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Ethnic Pakistani Indian Gold Plated Bollywood Payal Anklet Pair Curved Edge with Soft Bells

Gold Plated Ethnic Indian Bridal Payal Anklet Pair Curved Edge with Soft Bells

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Pakistani Indian Fashion Gold Plated Chain Anklet Payal Pair with Soft Bells

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