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Pushing for time

Abysses Impressive surreal captures by Julie de Waroquier, a very talented photographer based in Lyon, France. Beliefs Breathe The violence behind The weight of time Heart waves In between Three litte cats I wont… Continue Reading →


raven chilling on a clock

entregar tiempo

In 15 days, u know? //Time of Your Life - 50 Awesome Examples of Bokeh Photography


Oh how we humans wish to be immortal, So we could roam through timeless portals Why should not we die? Why should not we dread dea.

Black and White My favorite photo

Why is the one the servant of the other?

thecolorsofmymind: “ When you’re young, you think everything you do is disposable. You move from now to now, crumpling time up in your hands, tossing it away. You’re your own speeding car. You think you can get rid of things, and people too - leave...

ropes and vintage watches

Time will keep going, so you have to make the most of what you have. Conor knows that his time with his mom is coming to an end, so he spends as much time with her as he can.

Creepy Art by Sarah Hausmann Al-Ostad

surreal Art by Sarah Hausmann Al-Ostad

Photo Manipulations by Deonta Wheeler

Photo manipulations by Deonta Wheeler

So lately, been wondering / Who will be there to take my place / When I'm gone, you'll need love / To light the shadows on your face / If a greater wave shall fall / And fall upon us all / Then between the sand and stone / Could you make it on your own? -from Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

man by clock surrealism

Consuelo Parra - The Pass of Time

Consuelo Parra - The Pass of Time Photo Manipulation

the_clock_by_theultra-d4i5c2y.jpg 1.200×1.457 pixels

Time Inspired Photoshop Manipulations - 15 Newest Heart-stirring Photoshop Tutorials



Equinox Paranormal — Bizarre Slips in Time - True stories that challenge our concept of time and reality

Time in a spiral. You can transcend time by using a technique that accesses universal energy. like The Radiance Technique®.


Time marches on with help