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Gotta love music humor…

Gotta love music humor…

Funny text posts aren't my FORTE. Puns like that could get you in TREBLE. Give it a (? Yeah, I think the joke might be falling FLAT. This would probably be a lot funnier if I could read sheet music. It's no one else's fault you aren't that SHARP.

Oh, music puns :) #Teagardins #SmokeShop 8531 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 - Call or stop by anytime. UPDATE: Now ANYONE can call our Drug and Drama Helpline Free at 310-855-9168. Teagardins.com

My Franz are nothing but treble… Yay for classical music geek humor.

I used to play the piano, which used treble and bass cleff, but now I play saxophone, which just uses treble cleff

Sadly True Staff Meeting - Band Nerd humor LOVE IT! adv / Pollution is closer than you think! Ipad vs Paper Funny Commercial Ad - Must Wat.


20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand

haha, my mom told me a story about how one of her flute students said she didn't know what the hashtag in fromt of the note meant and I'm like social media is ruining this generations musicians!

"There are minors present!" Music humor. Lol. Sorry about the language. Too funny

"There are minors present", not tot mention "flat out vulgar".you know, because of all the flats in the key

Ah, music humor. Especially since we did a back to the future show!

Back to the coda haha band humor< it can be choir humor or piano humor or violin humor or orchestra humor. you internet band kids are the first sopranos of the world