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Hiking, exploring. So, so needed.

Hike the many paths of nature- you will find peace and happiness in the stillness

go hiking

I want to spend a TON of time outdoors with the family. I especially want to spend a lot of time outdoors with just Brian and I! This picture speaks to me because I love mountains, and exercise combined with that makes me feel excited inside!

though not a log cabin, this is similar to our lake place since wooded, dock with one purpose and all about fishing!  theresa

Hunting and Fishing Cabins sign - My basement needs this . and a name btw Kelly, Savidge, Wilcox

Taking Nicholas, who is learning Italian.

Number 1 place I need to go before I die. Maybe honeymoon, and my husband and I can discover together :)


Backpacking is one of my favorite subcultures because it is so adventurous. My favorite backpacking trip was Yosemite when we got to hike over 50 miles in the backcountry for a week, and summit half dome.