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Like this saying for A for who the glory belongs to -- Basketball Vinyl Wall Art The Lord my Rock decal by SweetWallIcing,

Like this saying for the boys; but needs a baseball. for who the glory belongs to -- Basketball Vinyl Wall Art 'The Lord my Rock' decal by SweetWallIcing,


I love volleyball and that is the reason I play so hard if I did not play volleyball than I know I would die! I play as libero! And I love that position because my coach I also libero for her team!


I live to play volleyball, but I also live for softball. I try to never go into a game thinking I am better than my opponent.

The Rules

Getting Healthy-Motivation-Crawling Is Acceptable. Falling Is Acceptable. Puking Is Acceptable. Crying Is Acceptable. Pain Is Acceptable. Blood Is Acceptable. Quitting Is Not!

great player

I've failed over and over and over again in my life. that's why I succeed. My favorite quote ever from the incomparable Michael Jordan.


Inspirational Volleyball Quotes so true everyone listen to this qoute if you want to get better at it