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Maiden veil fungus -- Wow! ...just wow!

Maiden Veil Fungus - beautiful and fragile. It's amazing that fungi are neither plant nor animal.

Mushroom 26'07'17

Phallus indusiatus, commonly called the bamboo fungus, bamboo pith, long net…

Mushrooms that don't look real and I want to jump from one to another like mario.

hongo Mycena Interrupta, commonly known as the Pixie's Parasol ~ By Stephen Axford

Veiled Lady Mushroom (Phallus indusiatus)

13 Most bizarre mushrooms

Veiled Lady Mushroom (Phallus indusiatus) This edible and rather healthful mushroom is used in Chinese cuisine. It is coated in a greenish-brown slime that contains spores -- the slime attracts flies and insects that help disperse the spores.

◽️ Schizophyllum commune fungus ~ By Viliam Ridzoň

Commune Fungus (Schizophyllum) by Viliam Ridzoň

~~ Chinese Lantern ~~

Chinese Lantern by There and back again. I love the French name: amour en cage.