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Started: 1/7/15 Finished: 1/16/15 Like a semi-truck starting from still, going through all the gears and reaching top speed, this book started a tad slow. Once past the first couple chapters, however, it continued to pick up speed and just couldn't be stopped. Stirring up all kinds of emotions, this book was wonderfully written and had just the proper blend of science and magic with a strong dose of love. Highly recommended!

Started: 6/22/15 Finished: 6/26/15 Great sequel building even more suspense as Victor Frankenstein's (Helios) creations start showing all kinds of breakage. Still love the comic relief, Koontz-style, via Michael's constant bantering. And Deucalion is my favorite hero! Nice set up for book three which I've already started! :)

Started: 2/3/15 Finished: 2/9/15 King wrote this book in college making it his first written book, although not his first published. Even this early, you can see King's genius. His character development is second to none. I mean, who else can tell a whole tale about just the simple act of 100 teenage boys walking in a morbid contest to the end? Loved the book, but still trying to process the ending . . .

Started: 1/26/15 Finished: 2/2/15 Reminiscent of some of Grisham's earlier works, I found The Litigators highly entertaining and a great read. Love the courtroom battle, the deep insight into the evils of litigation but also the necessity of it, and the very colorful cast of characters.

Started: 9/14/15 Finished: 9/16/15 You have to hand it to James Patterson for some very unique book ideas. This one doesn't disappoint. Perhaps a little cheesy, but still romantically cute and worth reading.

Started: 1/1/15 Finished: 1/6/15 What a great first novel from Jodi Picoult. Like a beautiful symphony, she masterfully composes this novel by interweaving 5 voices, with one going chronologically backwards. How she pulls this off, I do not know, but she does. Great story with a lot of love, loss and discovery amply blended in.

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Started: 7/24/15 Finished: 8/5/15 Although Seating Arrangements was very well written, I didn't feel too engaged in the book. Don't get me wrong. The characters were interesting, the whole plot was a good idea, and it was a wonderful expose into the lives of a high-society family, showing that although sometimes perfect on the outside, its just as dysfunctional on the inside. Perhaps just a little too slow-moving for me, I'm not sure, but it just didn't grab my full attention.

Started: 10/1/15 Finished: 10/10/15 My reading has slowed as I prepare for my Masters and poker. Nonetheless, I wanted to squeeze this last Patterson in and I'm glad I did. You've Been Warned was somewhat different than a lot of his books, it kept me guessing throughout and the end was a bombshell. I suggest you read it.

Started: 8/22/15 Finished: 8/26/15 The Quickie started with a few rapid succession plot twists promising an exciting read. And it was. Even though Patterson devotes at most three pages to a chapter, he manages to leave you with mini cliffhangers at the end of each. Usually that's a good thing and keeps you reading and wanting more. Near the end of this book, however, more plot twists seemed to make this tale a bit much, begging the question, "Really?"

Started: 6/27/15 Finished: 7/3/15 What a climax! Everything comes to a head in this book, to the point, that it could've ended here and just been a trilogy. Between the Harker gnome, the Werner thing, Chameleon, Erika, the Mother of all Gone-Wrongs, and other crazinesses, Frankenstein's Creation is falling apart. In the midst, you have the heroes, Carson, Michael and Deucalion, somehow fighting through it. Great stuff.