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{cr: @fandomtravellers } aw hey guys im so tired omfg but i cannot sleep on ze couch when tickets are selling out but you cant buy them at that moment oH nO pls woah the 90s were 20 years ago lol whut is this movie well probs last post for tonight hey who else watched the youtube fanfest? i watched the livestream on youtube goodnight/good morning (exactly midnight woah ok maybe a minute past it lol now two) p.s you are like rlly cool haha yay.

Motivational Good Morning Quotes

Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase

I sing all the time at practice! It's awful, especially when I lead the lane, because then I lose track of EVERYTHING. Time, set, number, lap. Everything.

Bruh...that means I would have Damon and Stephen Salvatore Klaus Mikealson Berry Allen Oliver Queen Blaine Anderson Kurt Hummel Captain America AND Iron Man