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Salar de Uyuni in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia. An enormous salt flat, utterly white in the dry season, ghostly when the blue sky reflects on the water during the rainy season.

Das Meer trifft die Wüste, Namibia, Afrika. Den passenden Koffer für eure Reise findet ihr bei uns: https://www.profibag.de/reisegepaeck/

Sea and desert. Namib desert in Namibia Africa - dune surfing

Merzouga, Sahara Desert, Morocco

A two-week Morocco itinerary

Giza Pyramids, Egypt                                                       …

How Much Do You Know About Ancient Africa?

Among pyramids, the Egyptian Pyramids are the most famous pyramids in the world. After 2700 BC, Egyptians began building pyramids, until about 1700 BC. The largest pyramids are the Egyptian pyramid…

Colorful Namibia, aerial view...

It's hard to believe that this is in our planet

The satellite captured this image of the sand seas of the Namib Desert. The blue and white area is the dry river bed of the Tsauchab. Image Courtesy: Korea Aerospace Research Institute / European Space Agency

"will we EVER get there?" "no" .....the end........ Death Valley, California

I've been on this road and I love it. "Long desert highway leading into Death Valley National Park from Beatty, Nevada." Photo by Glenn Nagel.

namibia.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Desert Dunes – Namibia, Africa

Africa // The Skeleton Coast and Namib Desert in Namibia. Also, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Meeting Namib by Roberto Sysa Moiola

Leopard in the Namib Desert, Africa. BelAfrique your personal travel planner - www.BelAfrique.com

Top Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

Leopard in the Namib Desert, Africa. BelAfrique your personal travel planner…

The word “epic” is thrown around a lot these days to describe art or other media that people like. If you want a good idea of what “epic” really looks like, however, you need to see Desert Breath, a truly epic art installation near the Red Sea in Egypt. 17 years after its completion, this mystical desert spiral is still clearly visible on Google Earth.

Art in the desert, man-made holes that are in a rotating pattern around an oasis