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wardkimball:    234. Figure drawing by Ward, ca. mid-1940s.

wardkimball: Figure drawing by Ward, ca.

Brittney Lee: SketchCrawl and More Figure Drawings

Here is my one page of sketches from Saturday's Sketchcrawl through Chinatown.

ap figure drawing - Google Search

I like the super realistic people on a very simple linear background

Metallic Ink Shot In Water Form Beautiful Abstract Clouds

Photographer and artist, Alberto Seveso, took the concept of shooting ink in water and introduced metallic inks into the mix. Titled il mattino ha l’oro in bocca it directly translates to ‘The morning has gold in it’s mouth’.

I still fuckin dance

Lize Meddings - I can't fuckin' dance, but I still fuckin' dance

plane figure drawing | Figure Drawing with Directional Shading and Cross Contour

What Is Contour Line in Drawing?