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Soccer fails! So hilarious!

Football Can Be Easy When Using These Tips. The game of football is one that virtually anyone can enjoy playing. If you thought football was just for kids, it is time you started learning a bit

22 Spicy Memes To Heat Things Up - Funny Gallery

22 Spicy Memes To Heat Things Up

This isn't funny. I just didn't have a better board to put it on.

Illustrator Gives His Adorable Comics A Comical Twist

Illustrator Gives His Adorables Comics A Comical Twist

12 too true soccer memes ~ GLOBAL FÚTBOL TRAINING

Sorry to all my friends that are basketball fans but it's true soccer way better and tougher than a lot of American sports

Michael Jordan

Why Michael Jordan is one I of the best NBA Basketball Player's Kobe will Be considered one of the greatest too!

Soccer greatness: when life throws you a banana, you eat it.

Pics with a Story on

Funny pictures about When Life Throws You a Banana. Oh, and cool pics about When Life Throws You a Banana. Also, When Life Throws You a Banana photos.