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Survey Results: How Do Parents and Kids Get Along?

Most kids and parents say they get along pretty well, but it's tougher to stay close through the years, according to a survey of parents and kids.

Linux.com runs on Joomla!

Linux.com runs on Joomla!

Fully operating PayPal in Armenia

Fully operating PayPal in Armenia

How to Design a Logo - Top Tips and Resources on Logo Design

You may find the most essential tips on logo design as well as some good resources for logo inspiration in this article.

Hello Bootstrap 3.0!

Hello Bootstrap what's new?

Hot Joomla! restaurant templates

An amazing bunch of J! templates for restaurants with delicious food and for cafes with tempting aroma only for Joomla!

capsule wardrobe over 40 over 50

Capsule Wardrobe for Women over 40

No fashion victim, no frump! A capsule wardrobe for a stylish woman over 40 by Alison Gary for Wardrobe Oxygen.

Joomla! 3 > Extensions > Components

Extend your Joomla! website' ability with the help of Joomla! Components in Joomla!

24 Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life [ Health]

24 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Health Life Hacks

We have rounded up some creative and useful life health hacks that you can start trying now. I love Life Hacks!