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decoying ducks

10 Reasons Why You Suck at Calling Ducks

Offseason Tips for Improving Duck Hunting Success

The Fowled Reality crew's tips for keeping yourself in top shape for duck hunting during the "off-season"


Rather than buy dozens of floating and field decoys, I use my floaters both on the water and in the field. Here's how they can do double-duty.

Decoy Spreads guaranteed for success

You Can't Go Wrong with These Duck Decoy Spreads

Here are a dozen deadly duck decoy spreads that you can use this fall to fool even the most decoy-shy birds.

Small Water Duck Hunting Tips

An article from Wildfowl Magazine that gives tips on how to best hunt ducks in small water areas like creeks or ponds

5 Fantastic Duck Spreads There are a handful of elemental spreads that will produce under most conditions

There are a handful of elemental spreads that will produce under most conditions, coast to coast. Maybe not every time, but with enough consistency as to qualify them as Old Standbys.

How to Train a Duck Dog

How to Train a Duck Dog

If you enjoy duck hunting, you will find that it's a great help to have a trained bird dog with you. Training your dog is fairy easy, but can take months depending on the breed and temperament of your dog.

Tricks for Dove Decoy Hunting | Outdoor Channel, #Hunting

Adding a spinning-wing dove decoy to your arsenal, where legal, can often help pull in those out-of-range birds.