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Maybe you can figure out how to get hired as the hair stylist on Vince Gilligan’s next show:

23 Ways To Get Over Your Intense "Breaking Bad" Depression

Funny pictures about Easiest job in Breaking Bad. Oh, and cool pics about Easiest job in Breaking Bad. Also, Easiest job in Breaking Bad.

he fictional brand had appeared on many TV shows over the years, but most famously as the brand of choice of The X-Files character The Cigarette Smoking Man. Perhaps another nod to Vince Gilligan? | 20 Times "The Walking Dead" Was The Cleverest Show On TV

20 Times "The Walking Dead" Was The Cleverest Show On TV

When you get Danny Trejo in your series, you use him well or you kill him. Vince Gilligan did both in reverse order.

Legendary Danny Trejo…

Funny pictures about Legendary Danny Trejo. Oh, and cool pics about Legendary Danny Trejo. Also, Legendary Danny Trejo.

Feelings and How to Destroy Them - Vince Gilligan - Breaking Bad

The 24 Best Internet Reactions to the Final Season of Breaking Bad

I collect vintage Little Golden Books for the futures. This one is awesome. I hope it's not a hoax. If it's real, I must have it. A Little Golden Book of Feelings & how to destroy them…. Fun for the whole family

Breaking Bad.

If you're a fan of all things Walter White you will love doing this Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque. All your favorite locations including Casa Heisenberg!

https://flic.kr/p/heqvpT | Kawaii Breaking Bad | Currently binge watching BREAKING BAD and can't stop. Just finished Season 4.

Kawaii Breaking Bad by Jerrod Maruyama in Sacramento, CA There's something perverse about the cute little meth bag.