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The mages enter the saloon at the Farmers' Cross Lodge, meet a stranger, and manage to conjure more trouble for themselves.

The Golem - special thanks to Mike Whitby

The Golem - special thanks to Mike Whitby

The sapphire mage guild holds the young mages for a "fact finding council" concerning the incident with Haxat the Greater.

The fateful match between Bludbaer and Skull-smash occurs and Jien decides on what to do with his life as his compatriots faded away.

Jien makes it so that Korvo-Doom can interrogate a severed head, comes into some black pearls, then embarks on a curious adventure involving an adobe villa.

Arvan: Land of Dragons campaign setting for Dice & Glory has been released. It is now available in PDF format and soon in print!

Ah, Chess and Mass Combat

that discusses the why, when, and how to use mass combat rules to enhance any tabletop RPG campaign.

The young mages identify and take possession of their cut of the take and decide to escort Gornix home as he carries the Amber Bee and have imp troubles.

The Cabal of Eight Tunnel Rats - Ranger Games Publishing

The Cabal of Eight Thug Life - Ranger Games Publishing

Rangers Game, Roads, Road Routes

Lesser Chimera

The cabal adventurers continue their crawl through the under-city vaults where they encounter a water hazard and a chimera blocking their path.