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Republic of Guinea | République de Guinée

Republic of Guinea | République de Guinée, is where Dias spent a large amount of his life after failing to meet up with the other two explorers looking for the Christian Kingdom.

Mirror with Handle, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose III Date: ca. 1479–1425 B.C., Egypt.

Shell Pendant with the Name of Senwosret II Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 12 Reign: reign of Senwosret II Date: ca. 1887–1878 B.C....

Princess Sara Gizaw Duchess of Harrar is the widow of Prince Makonnen,Duke of Harrar and second son of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. She is the mother of five sons. In her day, Princess Sara was renowned as one of the most beautiful women at the Court of the Emperor of Ethiopia.

Queen Nzinga; 1583-1663; Queen Nzinga a Mbande, rose to power as the leader of the Mbundu, an ethnic group of what is known as modern-day Angola. Queen Nzinga lived during the period of the Atlantic slave trade and the rise of Portuguese traders in her region. She was known as a clever military strategist and strong opponent to the trading of slaves in her homeland and saw herself as an equal to male leaders who looked down on her because of gender.

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

Cape Agulhas, Western Cape Or named Cabo das Tormentas by Dias, After the landfall in Mossel Bay, Dias' crew were going to resort to mutiny, forced Dias to turn round and sail back to where they came, on the way back Dias observed the southernmost point of Africa known as the Cabo das Agulhas today.